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September 14, 2007

If you are struggling with finding enough time, enough money and enough of the right people in your horse business, then it may be time to get some help.
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this week:
  • Increase Your Effort by 10%, Increase Your Profit by 100%
  • Speaking about the Horse Business...
  • Others have said
  • Back at the Barn
  • Watch for Special Offer for A No Cost Business Planning Session!

  • Increase Your Effort by 10%, Increase Your Profit by 100%
    10 percent

    I've never been one to make sweeping changes in a sudden burst of enthusiasm.

    But don't misunderstand, when change has a reasonable chance for success and improvement, you can count me in.

    I've been thinking about change and how to get a little more done each day in my business without snorting, rearing and getting white-eyed around the people close to me.

    You probably know overcharged change artists who start acting like completely different people when they decide abruptly to do things differently. They become whirlwinds of drama to change behavior and expect immediate results and gratification.

    The business and home climate is filled with sprinting movement, rapid talking and a manifesto of new rules and ideas to live by. It's a theatrical melodrama for others viewing from backstage.

    Passionate soliloquies, emotional gestures and much weeping and gnashing of teeth just aren't my style, so I've been thinking about the process of change in terms of one of my favorite fractions.

    It's 10%, ten percent, 1/10, one tenth or even ten one hundredths.

    Say it any way you like, ten percent is:

    • a decent return on investment,
    • a fair commission rate,
    • an OK employee turnover rate;
    • a good discount rate,
    • an acceptable party guest no-show rate,
    • a fair vacancy rate and,
    • just an all around reliable percentage.

    I've been thinking about getting more done for about ten percent of my "freewheeling thinking" time today and came up with a 10 percent theory for increasing productivity.

    What if you:

    • keyboarded 10% faster
    • answered the phone 10% faster
    • ended conversations 10% faster
    • made decisions 10% quicker
    • gave instructions 10% faster
    • angered 10% slower
    • spoke with 10% fewer words
    • started work 10% earlier and quit 10% sooner
    • increased your network of business alliances by 10% each month

    Or you could try to:

    • reduce expenses by 10%
    • increase sales by 10% each quarter
    • give 10% more compliments
    • give 10% less criticism
    • smile 10% more each day
    • eat 10% less fat
    • drink 10% more water

    It sure sounds more doable than the alternatives for making changes. You fill in the blanks for your horse business:

    • Increase outdated boarding, lesson, training rates by 10%
    • Increased the number of students in lesson program by 10%
    • Gave clients 10% more customer service
    • _________________________________
    • _________________________________
    • _________________________________

    No doubling, tripling or home runs required.

    Just 10% more.

    Speaking about the Horse Business...

    Need a speaker about the horse business for your horse organization?

    Talk to me about talking. Keynotes and workshops available. (716) 434-5371

    Others have said

    "In reality, serendipity accounts for one percent of the blessings we receive in life, work and love. The other 99 percent is due to our efforts." -- Peter McWilliams

    "We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance." -- Harrison Ford

    "Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you've got it made." -- George Burns

    Back at the Barn
    stacked hay

    I'm putting a load of hay in the barn loft in the next few days. As I'm always in search of help, any able hands often get recruited to help move bales onto the bale conveyor and stack them in the hay loft.

    It's no news flash that finding help to handle baled hay gets more difficult each year. Ag mechanization has replaced the experienced hay handling hands of a quarter century ago.

    Just having baled hay to load in his barn would be a dream coming true for professional horseman Julian Ross of Stefan Cel Mare Equestrian Centre in Romania.

    He writes a blog titled Transylvanian Horseman about his life in a community that still uses real horse power. That includes putting loose hay in the barn from horse drawn wagons with pitchforks. Julian provides a description on his blog click here for link of the entire loose hay process.

    It's a good read and so are all of his thoughtful posts about his experiences running his trail ride tours of beautiful Romanian countryside.

    Watch for Special Offer for A No Cost Business Planning Session!
    Doug Emerson photo

    I work with Professional Horsemen who are struggling with the business half of the horse business.

    Just like a top performing horse has a strong foundation, so does a top performing horse business.

    If you've had enough with not enough: time, money or the right people in your horse business, watch for an upcoming announcement for a limited offer of a no cost business planning session with me.(Shhh, don't tell anyone else, but no cost means f.r.e.e.)

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    I appreciate your help !


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