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Do you really believe there is no money to be made in the horse business?



Here are 8 simple strategies for success for creating the profitable  horse business and life you have always wanted. It's a proven training program for business owners who are driven to be in the winner's circle.

1. Build a compelling three year vision. (Define your success.)

2. Control the dollars. (Chaos rules in the absence of control.)

3. Make time to plan. (Work on the business instead of in it.)

4. Lead for Success. (It starts at the top.)

5. Be a catalyst for customer service. (Clients and customers pay the bills.)

6. Master the selling process. (Nothing happens until something is sold.)

7. Market methodically. (Marketing never stops; keep the clock wound.)

8. Achieve Balance between work, rest and play. (Who is the boss?)




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Single Purpose Projects

                     Develop answers  for the following questions:


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